While on open water, be it as a recreational boater, working in a water vessel or even as a passenger, you’re subject to the maritime law. No one is more conversant with the maritime law than an experienced Houston Maritime Lawyer. In case you face any legal proceedings, contact a Houston Maritime Lawyer to get represented in court or any compensation claim. Getting the right lawyer to work with, will ensure your rights are fought for. These are several reasons why you might need a maritime lawyer.

Your boat crashes into another boat

Accidents are also frequent in water, and it might be your boat that accidentally runs into someone’s else boat. This may lead to lengthy and tedious settlement claims from the owner of the water vessel you crashed into. A Houston Maritime Lawyer will fight to reach an agreement on settlement smoothly and quickly as well as reducing your payments. This will significantly save you from a court case. However, in cases where a settlement agreement proves hard to reach, your lawyer will fight for your rights in court to win or have you face the minimum damage payments or fines.

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Someone else crashes into your boat

When someone’s vessel crashes into yours, you are entitled to compensation for the damages caused to your boat. In this case, a maritime lawyer will help you get the best possible settlement package by reaching an agreement out of court or by winning your case in court. This saves you a lot of time and money hence allowing you continue with your daily activities. You will also not have to use your money to pay for the repairs of your boat or even purchasing a new one.

You are injured, or you harm someone else in a crash on water

Any injury caused in open waters is subject to the maritime law. In most accidents, injuries are unavoidable. You, your passengers or those on the other boat are most likely going to get injured in the event of a crash. Your passengers might ask for compensation even in cases where you were entirely innocent. For this reason, you will need to work closely with your lawyer to avoid being wrongfully blamed and charged. If you get injured due to someone’s else mistake, you don’t deserve to pay for your medical bills. With the help of a Houston Maritime Lawyer, you will have your bills covered by the other party through compensation either by settlement or in court.

Houston Maritime Lawyers are the best when dealing with maritime or admiralty laws in Houston, TX or any other part of the United States. You deserve fair treatment during your legal proceedings.