The silly season is upon us again. It’s Christmas’s time and everyone suddenly remembers the family they don’t get to connect with through the rest of the year. Gifts are bought and exchanged, some are great and others are not so great. Gold on the other hand is always a nice present to give or to get because it does not tarnish and it is actually more valuable than the sweated your aunt Mabel always gives. Christmas is also a busy season for buyers of gold Brisbane as more people seek ways to get some extra cash to get through the holidays.

Is this a good time to sell or to buy gold? Does anybody know what the price of gold is going to be over Christmas?  There has never been a good or bad time to buy or sell gold. If you are selling because you need cash quickly then by all means sell it when you need to, you never really know what is going to happen in the god market.

There are trends that we can follow, we can even extrapolate a likely scenario based on what happened in the past. However, it is difficult to make precise predictions not with the volatility of the geopolitical and economic situations. To get a sense of what might happen to the price of gold over the Christmas period we have to look at what happened in previous years.

Generally, there tends to be an upswing in the price of god during Christmas because the demand goes high. This does always mean a straight toward rise. There are other market factors besides demand that affect the gold price.

The price of gold dropped significantly in November 2016. It lost 16% of it’s value between November 3 and 18 December. It reclaimed 4% between 18 December 2016 and 3 January 2017. It wasn’t a good time to sell gold to supplement Christmas spending but it was a good time to buy so it worked out for buyers of gold Brisbane because people were still selling their old gold even though they weren’t getting as much as they could have before the significant drop.

It wasn’t the first time that gold had reacted the way it did then. In 2015, it lost 4.7% of its value between. 1 November and 17 December before rising by 1.79% at the start of the new year.

If we are to make anything of what happened in 2015 and 2016, then we can assume they the price will be low until mid-December but will rise again going into the new year.

So, buy gold for your loved ones. Get some earrings for your mum, a necklace for your sister, a charm bracelet for your daughter, cuff link for your dad or your husband, a nose ring, a watch, anything with gold in it. Gold always looks good and retains its value over time. A gift of gold is a thoughtful one, it conveys how special someone is to you.