That hazardous air pollution that we are so concerned about must be put to an end throughout our place of business. Industrial and manufacturing cases are typical as someway, somehow, we must keep the air around us safe for breathing. When we use the services of regenerative thermal oxidizers, we expect proper operations of high temperatures, turbulence and oxygen to convert our polluted air into carbon monoxide and water vapor. And we expect to process polluted air with the least amount of energy consumption to keep our operating costs at bay. When acquiring about used or refurbished units to save on the cost of the equipment, you want to make sure you choose a seller who cares about its customers. Many companies sell customers just about anything, in any hidden malfunctioning condition with no way to return it. Make sure that you select a company that you can depend on for buying used regenerative oxidizers, if that’s your preference.

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The Effects of Polluted Air
When it comes to exhausted air we must keep clear for the sake of our health. According to, industrial pollution is far more dangerous than car pollution for the sake of our children. Respiratory problems are the cases as a result and it’s up to industrial workers to minimize these risks as much as possible. Although cars let out pollution through its exhaust pipes, industrial sites are the real problem with kids suffering from asthma and episodes of coughing profusely. suggests that if you’re experiencing any wheezing at night or shortness of breath you may want to consult with your doctor about the possibilities of asthma. 

The 5,000 CFM Regenerative Oxidizer
There are many regenerative oxidizers on the market today. But as far as the 5,000 CFM Regenerative Oxidizer is concern, you cannot go wrong with this one. Explaining the details of this unit can take a long flight out of the country, but a few key details of this unit should suffice to get the ants crawling down your pants. 
* Detail 1 – an airflow capacity of 2,000 to 5,000 SCFM
* Detail 2 – a fresh air damper
* Detail 3 – a 40 hp process blower
* Detail 4 – a power input of 480/3/60 100 amp
* Detail 5 – a heat recovery of 95%
the list goes on…
This unit, weighs 40,000 lbs. No matter how strong you are, you will probably need a company to deliver the unit to your work site. 
You can also consider a less expensive [lighter unit] – the 1,000 CFM Thermal Oxidizer or even the 500 series. Or, you can consider a recuperative thermal oxidizer, which uses a different process to clarify the exhausted air. This one is less commonly used compared to regenerative oxidizers. 

No matter which unit you choose for your industrial project, you want to make sure that your unit does exactly what it is meant to do [process exhausted air] and can do it well. There have been many cases of companies providing bad units, claiming that they are in nearly perfect working conditions and when the customer gets the unit out to the site it fails miserably. Do not let this be you. Check the history on a company, how long the company has remained in business, as well as its testimonials. Do your due diligence.