Most people get good looking cars from Chrysler dealers Indianapolis but fail to keep their cars looking great. Others pay huge amounts to restore the look of their cars within a short time after buying the vehicles. Faded and scratched cars also have low resell values. Here are simple tips to keep your Chrysler looking good for a long period.

Read the labels

One of the biggest causes of cosmetic damage on your vehicle is the use of wrong cleaning detergents. Many of the low-quality detergents eat away the coating and make the car look cheap. Before making a purchase, read the label and see if the cleaner is good for your vehicle. Some cleaners are harsh for certain metal types. For example, a chrome cleaner is acidic on aluminum and eats away the surface of the metal.

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Consider using clay to deal with hard to remove materials

Tough items that bond to the surface of the car such as bugs, sap and overspray may be hard to remove without scratching your car. Instead of using exfoliating detergents and chemicals, consider using clay. Clay removes the material along with the wax around it. However, you may need to re-wax the car after you are done removing material on the surface.

Remove items in the interior before cleaning

Any car has tens of items ranging from chargers, umbrellas, newspapers, tools to food leftovers. It is hard to clean the small storage spaces and crannies when they are filled up with items. Remove the items before cleaning the car and only put back what you need. This way your interior will always look clean and will be easy to clean.

Regular service is important

Your Chrysler engine requires regular service to remain in top form. The tires need to have the right pressure, window wipers and brakes need to be working at all times. You should also understand the warnings that the car gives you either as sound or lights at the dashboard. The Chrysler dealers Indianapolis have user manuals for each car in the showroom. Ensure that you get one when making a purchase or request one if you have lost it. In addition, follow the instructions in the user manual to the letter.

By taking good care of your Chrysler on the outside, interior and the engine, your car will serve you for long and will always look polished and excellent for a long period. The good look will fetch a good price for the car should you want to sell it in the future.