A free standing gas fireplace can match any decor but looks especially well with the clean hard lines of contemporary style furnishings. The suspended box of the free standing fireplace is especially striking when placed against a wall of natural stone or aged, distressed brick. Any wall surface with a lot of texture accents the strong lines of the fireplace box. With the dancing flames leaping inside, the free standing fireplace becomes a dramatic focal point of the whole room.

Find Tranquility in a Den or Living Room

A free standing fireplace with its sealed glass doors will slowly radiate heat and bring welcome warmth into a room. Position some nice cushiony seating nearby so you can to lounge in front of the fire on frosty winter nights. A cup of tasty hot cocoa and a good book will guarantee a restful experience. Watching the different colors of the leaping flames can be very relaxing and make you feel calm and peaceful after a long stressful day.

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Create an Oasis of Peace In the Bedroom

Locating a free standing fireplace in a bedroom can bring comfort on cold nights. Sitting in front of a fire before bed can relax your mind and body and help you sleep soundly. Meditating on the beautiful flames that rise and dance like magic from a bed of shimmering white stones can drive away anxiety and stress, leaving you feeling at peace with the world. Being able to let go of all your cares and troubles for a while can be very refreshing.

Warmth and Comfort for a Relaxing Bathroom

Stepping out of a tub or shower on a cold winter’s night can be quite a chilling experience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a steady source of heat nearby? A source that didn’t have to be fed messy wood or tended constantly. With a free standing gas fireplace, you can have all the comforting warmth you desire. Imagine lying in the tub watching the lovely flames leaping and twisting on their bed of white river stones. All your cares of the day would melt away in that relaxing atmosphere.

Cozy Warmth for the Ultimate Kitchen

Nothing makes mealtimes more relaxed than dining beside a cozy fireplace. With a free standing gas fireplace, you can locate it anywhere in your home. Positioned in an eat-in kitchen would make for memorable meals on frosty winter nights. With its sleek design, a free standing gas fireplace will add architectural drama to a kitchen of any style decor and make it the favorite gathering place for family members and friends. The fireplace would also add an element of relaxation that would contribute to the enjoyment of food and drink.