Who’s behind the Chinese takeover of the world’s biggest pork manufacturer? Many in US are contemplating about that. Smithfield Foods China is the largest producer of pork and it constitutes about 25% of the pork production and supply in the US.The US based company has state of the art infrastructure to produce pork. According to reports the customer can get different types of pork food at Smithfield Foods China. The CEO of Smithfield Foods China candidly admits that the company butchers almost 10000 pigs on a daily basis. The person also says that the employees of the company are well aware of the different processes associated with the pork processing business.

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All-out Trade War between the US and China

In recent years, US lawmakers are suspicious about China, its activities. They are sensing some kind of mischief from Beijing. They are suspicious of China and feel that the Chinese takeover is because of the Chinese government’s intention to expand west, preach its communist policies on the American land. People and policy makers feel that some kind of cold war has initiated as there are instances when both the US and China are imposing tariffs on the imports of products. Many in the US consider things to escalate in the near future. Major businesses are wary of their prospects if such things persist.

US Lawmakers Apprehend Beijing’s Role in Company Acquisition

Smithfield Foods China is one of the largest producers of pork. Post purchase of the company there are many speculations among the US lawmakers about the reasons for Chinese investment in the company.Many believe that Beijing has role to play in the takeover. However, many believe that more and more people in China are in the middle class segment and they are rich. The rich middle class is investing in pork which is why Chinese companies are exploring avenues for pork production for themselves outside China. Smithfield Foods China’s huge production facility helps to satisfy the pork needs of the Chinese overseas.