Progressive jackpots, as the name suggests are interlinked games and all the players playing the slot, irrespective of their location and host casino are playing for a jackpot that steadily keeps on increasing. Usually, every slot has a pre-set jackpot and since the games are interlinked, the jackpot amount increases with the addition of players. Once the jackpot is hit, the game is reset and a new jackpot is set. These are considered the best online pokies in terms of the high pay outs they offer. User reviews have testified the life transforming events of a single bet from a progressive jackpot game.

Upsides of Progressive Jackpot

  • The most exciting online gambling, huge pay out in single bet possible.
  • Apart from an increasing roller, the added bonuses and rewards are worth mentioning.
  • Player tier in the bonus club increases with the increase in deposits.

Downsides of Progressive Jackpot

  • Like other games featuring huge jackpots, progressive jackpot too has a low p[ay out rate as compared to other online slot games.
  • Not a very popular choice among players due to lower pay outs and lesser winning chances.
  • Mainly suited for online casinos as land based casinos may lack the budget to support such large pay out plans.
  • Often players are required to bet high amounts to be eligible for high pay outs.
  • The risk of losing a huge amount is high when a single bet is played on one game.

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