When moving house we strongly advise that people start to pack much sooner than they think necessary as packing is something that almost always takes longer than people anticipate. We also advise that people use moving house as a chance to declutter their possessions and get rid of things that they no longer need or want – There are many ways to get rid of things, with a  couple of great methods being giving to charity and selling to make money to put towards moving costs.

Packing using cardboard boxes however is not always as simple originally think. Don’t worry though, today we are going to be providing a list of tips and pointers – so that more people than ever before are able to pack up their homes in the ultimate ways. Keep on reading to find out how…

Packing Box Pointers 

  • When packing up items from your cupboard pack directly out of them and don’t unpack all of your items onto the floor first
  • Use wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes so that you can save time and also ensure that your clothes don’t end up creased
  • When packing boxes make sure that you put heavier items on the bottom, with lighter items up top
  • Always fill boxes and don’t leave them half full, otherwise when you stack the boxes in the van they will likely break and fall through
  • Never make moving boxes so heavy that you cannot lift them, quality moving boxes typically come with weight limits which you should always adhere to
  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes
  • Keep track of what you are putting in each box, not only labelling each box stating which room it belongs to but also by making an inventory so that you are easily able to find individual items should you need to
  • Take care of your delicate and fragile possessions, wrapping in them in bubble wrap and foam wrap and ensure that the boxes that they are in are clearly marked as fragile so that all handlers know to be extra careful
  • Standard celotape is not strong enough to tape up moving boxes therefore you should invest in high quality packing tape to keep your things safe
  • Pack all of you important documents together and keep them in a safe place at all times
  • Pack an essentials box containing the things that you are going to need straight away upon arrival at your new home

These are only some of the best ways to pack too – If you want to discover even more, please do not hesitate to contact your local moving box provider today.