Mark Arabo feels that philanthropy is not just related to the business or corporate sector. It can be associated with the healthcare sector too in the sense that the top officials like the CEO, MD in a particular hospital working for the benefit of the patient. This could be in the form of finding them a perfect donor at the right price, arranging for funds as and when the need arises. This entire not just helps the patient but the hospital as a whole. People get to know about such dedicated and devoted professionals and make it a point to reach to these hospitals in case of an emergency.

Mark Arabo and Measures related to Medical Philanthropy

Mark Arabo is of the view that for a medical philanthropy campaign to be a success in grand terms should include the following below listed measures.

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  • Make the physician a part of this philanthropic process

Physicians’ involvement in the whole process makes both the donor as well as the patient interested. As a donor, he/she knows that the physician is right behind and won’t let anything wrong happen in any of the circumstances. As a patient he/she can ask the physician to help in whatever manner possible, thus making the entire process much smoother. Their involvement definitely helps and thus one should ask for help in the very initial stage itself.

  • Part payment or funding done by the physician and the team

Donors prefer the management or the hospital authorities giving in some part of the financial help in order to bring it to the notice of the other related organizations as well as other patients and their families. In case they are not funding in monetary terms then at least they must take the cause forward and bring it to the notice of one and all by all the possible means. Collecting the donation amount is not just the headache of the patient or the donor but the authorities as well.

  • Be a leader and part of the project by getting involved

The top managerial hospital authorities play a distinct role which cannot be denied at any costs at any point of time due to any of the reasons. They should take the fundraising campaign seriously and know the reason behind the same. They should be assured that the patient as well as the family members needs the support as well as financial help to come out of this tricky situation and further make it a win-win situation.

  • Present oneself in the positive manner

This means the top managerial people should present themselves as fundraisers so that the other people working in the hospital know it well whom to contact in such cases, what all help could be gathered and how much amount can be raised with their due help. Thus it should be more of a team work rather than just an individual working to achieve higher results and greater success.

In a nutshell, Mark Arabo is of the view that such officials should set an example and bring in the best for the patients in the most positive manner.