Do you have an existing franking machine lease? Are you wondering whether you should change suppliers or machines? Would you like specialist help locating the best franking machine deals and services for your unique needs? Do you assume that making enquiries about cost savings is probably only going to save you pennies?

Read on…

A substantial number of leases stipulate that the consumables for a franking machine must be bought via the lease firm and this is reasonable, but are you receiving the best costs and services through this agreement?

Industry specialists Eagle Consultancy Group work with their franking machine partners to ensure that clients who ask for their assistance with reducing business overheads can enjoy peace of mind that their arrangement is the most appropriate one or, more frequently, highlight the need for a reassessment to achieve savings in operational time and money.

Time saved means that staff can be deployed to other core business tasks and this ultimately improves profitability. A poor lease can be counterproductive, you don’t need to be trapped by it.

Reviewing contracts is an everyday task for Eagle Consultancy’s team members, they have the experience, skills and industry knowledge that can make a considerable difference to you. The trained eye can often pick up flaws or exclusions that you may not. With over 30 years of experience in the postal business area, their experts know what to look for.

They will also be happy to consult with you about the range of post methods available in today’s marketplace and evaluate services and costs; as DX Mail, couriers, mail equipment innovations and new providers coming in to consideration, their post consultancy service could transform the expenditure and use of resources more than you may appreciate as you read this.

If your current franking machine is not smart technology enabled or you are using good old- fashioned stamps, you are costing your enterprise money. All franking machine leases and purchases must be of smart technology enabled machines to meet Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme criteria. Mailmark offers the best technology, superior tools and the lowest franking tariff.

Welcome considerable cost savings on every item of mail your business sends through Royal Mail; even a low volume user will see savings.

Current Royal Mail tariff:

  • 2nd class small envelope stamp: 56p
  • Standard franking 2nd class: 41p
  • Mailmark franking 2nd class: 38p
  • 500 items @ 38p = £190.
  • 500 items @ 56p = £280.

Which fee would you prefer to pay?

An easy way to check if your machine is a smart franking machine is by the franking image that appears on the envelope; a crown and die image is used by an older model machine, the smart franking machines produce readable, and trackable, 2D barcodes.

Reporting tools are more sophisticated on the smart models and dashboard management is easy to navigate.

Speak to Eagle Consultancy’s experts about your franking machine lease and its suitability for your business today. You may be surprised by the results.