Plastics are ubiquitous. We use plastics every day and the most common form of plastics that we use are plastic bags. Plastic bags are used because they are very easily available and are cheap to carry and store things. But plastics are not eco-friendly so they should not be used and we should try to avoid them as much as possible. There are so many negative impacts of plastic bags that you can’t even think about:

  1. Causes pollution

As they are so lightweight they can travel long distances and litter various places such as land, water, etc. They pollute the environment and reduce the beauty of our environment. Plastic bags make the place unsightly if present on the roadside or beachside. The cause severe damage to the environment.

  1. Made up of non-renewable resources

Plastics are made up of propylene. This material is made from petroleum and natural gas. These both are non-renewable fossil fuel based resources. Their extraction causes the production of greenhouse gases which result in global warming. The production of these consumes a lot of energy.

  1. Non-degradable

Petroleum based plastics are not easily degradable. They just get broken down into small pieces and that small particles end up entering into oceans. Other than this plastic gets buried into landfills and that results in leaching of chemicals into groundwater.

  1. Harmful to wildlife and marine life

We, humans can differentiate between plastics and other packaging material but animals cannot. This is why animals by mistake end up eating plastic bag along with the other food materials. Eating plastic is injurious to health of animals. It can result in choking of their throat and they can die by suffocation. It can lead to serious health issues in animals.

  1. Unsafe for human beings

Plastic fragments in oceans and chemicals such as PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) and PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), are absorbed by water. This water enters into marine organisms. Humans ingest these chemical while having sea food or drinking water. These chemicals are hormone disrupting chemicals that can danger the life of living beings.