Candles can effectively lift the spirit of the household by enhancing the ambiance. Candles can be used in dining room, bedrooms and the living room. You can get different kinds of candles for different rooms. The candles can vary in colour, design and even scent. There are many good choices of candles to decorate your house. So read more and get to know what kinds of candles are available for you.

Taper candles

Taper candles are long slender candles. We have 6 inches tall taper candles. Each has a burn time of 5 hours. The taper candles are available in a multitude of colours such as blue, green, brown, orange, pink, purple, red, white and many more. These are suitable home candles which can be used for a variety of purposes such as ceremonies, emergencies, decorations, religious ceremonies, etc. The candles have the same pricing irrespective of colour.

Taper candles containing vegetable palm oil are also available in our collection. These are scented candles which burn with a brighter flame and are devoid of petrochemicals. Such candles burn cleanly and do not cause smoke. They are also long lasting and dripless. These candles are 9 inches tall. Available in purple and orange colours. Purple colour represents power and protection while orange colour represents road opener.

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Another beautiful taper candle is the silver taper candle with a metallic finish. This is a 14 inches long candle suitable for home decoration and religious ceremonies.

Astral scented candle

Astral scented candle is made using palm oil wax which gives a pleasing fragrance. The candle is fixed inside a thick glass enclosure. An amulet is present at the bottom portion while a prayer is written inside the candle. The candle features three colours with green at the top, blue in the middle and red at the bottom. This is a 7 day candle.