Taxotere or docetaxel is a well-known drug used in chemotherapy. Taxotere has been used in breast cancer treatment all over the USA. Hundreds of thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and this drug has stood out as one of the most prescribed by doctors for treatment. One major reason it is so widely prescribed is convenience. Unlike similar drugs that are taken weekly for the same purpose, Taxotere is only taken once in every three weeks. Unfortunately, a good number of cancer patients treated with the drug in the past suffer alopecia, also known as permanent hair loss. Many of such women suffer this fate for ten years and even more. This has negative effects like stress and depression resulting from the affected self-image and decreases quality of life. Women who survived breast cancer could file a Taxotere lawsuit against the manufacturer if they were not warned of this side effect.

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Why file a Taxotere lawsuit

It is general knowledge that fighting cancer has the side effect of hair loss. Because of this, women prepare for it. The Taxotere drug, however, causes permanent hair loss in many women which they did not plan for. The main issue is not that they lost their hair, it is that they were not warned about it.

The product was not only distributed in the USA, but other countries seem to have been warned. No information about permanent hair loss or alopecia was displayed in the USA. Loss of hair does not just affect the beauty and looks; it stands to serve as a regular reminder of the struggle patients went through with cancer. A victim would file a Taxotere lawsuit because of the frustration of continued loss of hair, even after successfully fighting off the disease. The permanent hair loss is not just physical; it is also financial and emotional.

Decline in quality of life

Loss of hair is one of the most overwhelming side effects of cancer and tends to affect the quality of life and wellbeing of patients. Patients tend to have problems with their body image, sexuality, self-esteem, social functioning, anxiety and distress because of hair loss. They even find it difficult returning to their work because of this. Some women go through so many procedures trying to find a solution to the hair loss caused after treatment by Taxatore without any progress. Such women showed very notable signs of impairment to their quality of life due to the alopecia. Some women would have preferred to go the more demanding route of using another similar drug in treatment or would not have gone through chemotherapy at all if they knew the effects it would have later on.